While most people were high-tailing it out of my university town this winter break and heading home, I was stuck at home with my parents. For the most part, it wasn’t great. Missouri in the winter isn’t exactly the sunny paradise I wanted it to be, but it did result in one good thing: the ability to exploit my parents for groceries so I could make things for this blog.

Ever since I started this blog, one of the first things I hear when I get home is “maybe you can make us some dessert for tonight,” so let’s not pretend I’m the only one benefiting from this setup.

I made a few tasty treats during my time back home, and this first one is basically homemade cookies and cream custard. When I say custard, it’s a loose term. This isn’t really made in the same way that ice cream or custard is, but once it’s finished it tastes pretty much identical.

The recipe for this cookies and cream casserole is pretty simple:

  1. 1 package of Oreo cookies, crushed
  2. 8 oz of cream cheese
  3. 1/4 cup butter
  4. 2 cups milk
  5. 1 large box of instant vanilla pudding
  6. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  7. 12 oz cool whip

First thing’s first, get the supplies. I used a casserole dish that was about 9×13 to set all this stuff in and then I just used a plastic bag and my fist to crush some Oreos. IMG_2921

Next, lay the Oreos into the bottom of the pan in a thick layer. Make sure to save about 1/4 of the package for the topping. It should look like the casserole dish is filled up to about halfway with crushed Oreos.

The next part of this is to make the cream filling that will go on top. To do this, I used my electric mixer because everything should be really smooth. First, whip together the milk, vanilla and softened (not melted!) butter. Then add the vanilla pudding mix and whip that up so that the filling gets pretty thick. It should simply look a lot like vanilla pudding at this point.

Here’s another picture of my mixer, because she’s a beauty.

After that, you’ll want to add the cream cheese. The most important part of this is to make sure that every ingredient being put in is softened, because if it isn’t, the end product is going to have clumps of cream cheese or butter that didn’t get fully mixed in with the liquid.

After adding the cream cheese, take the filling off of the electric mixer and start adding the Cool Whip. This shouldn’t be mixed too heavily, but actually folded in so it gets a little fluffier, kind of like folding together a meringue. Then, simply use a spatula to spread the mixture over the top of the crushed Oreos. My mixture for this was a little runny because I used 3 cups of milk as opposed to 2, which is what most recipes online say. However, in the comments later I saw that a lot of people ended up with runny desserts that didn’t set well, a lot like mine, so definitely use less milk if that doesn’t sound appealing.

The final step is to sprinkle the remaining Oreos over the top and put it in the fridge to set for at least two hours. This is where I differed, because mine wasn’t setting correctly. I decided to put mine in the freezer overnight, which worked out for the best. Instead of slicing it into squares like a casserole, my family scooped it out with an ice cream scoop.


There you have it, a final product that at least makes it feel a bit more like warm weather is around the corner. Plus, no baking required!